Leakage Solutions Master Malaysia

offering residential, commercial and industrial leakage solutions...

Leakage Solutions Master Malaysia's complete range of water leaking and roof coating systems are designed to restore and retain the look and service life of many types of roofs including cement tile, clay tile, metal and asbestos.

Our Product

We provide several brands for waterproofing solvent such as Pentens, Estop, Green Seal and Bostik. Our products are 100% acrylic formulation, specifically designed to seal, restore and rejuvenate old and aged roofs to their former colours, or to a new and more modern colour.

These products are highly durable flexible finish, formulated for excellent resistance to South East Asian weather. It not only rejuvenates and restores but it also improves the weatherability of the roof, and also inhibits the growth of mould and lichen.

With Leakage Solutions Master, we designed to give you ultimate solution for problematic roofs and plumbing problem. 

• Stop leaks
• Prevent water seepages
• Reflect heat and save energy
• Anti fungus / Algae
• Protect your roof
• Product quality assured
• Excellent dirt pick up resistance
• Permanent waterproofing to leaking roofs
• Elastomeric & flexible even after weathering
• Tough - high tensile strength and hardness
• Increase property value

LEAKAGE SOLUTION MASTER - restore and retain the look and service life of many types of roofs in Malaysia...