About Us

Leakage Solution Master Malaysia is a diversified group under Pembinaan AOS Sdn Bhd that specializes in providing breakthrough solutions with material and technological expertise in waterproofing and repair works.  Pembinaan AOS Sdn Bhd is strategically positioned to meet a wide array of customer needs with proven and reliable solutions in the most cost-effective manner.

Our turnkey waterproofing solutions have helped many satisfied customers meet various challenges in demanding applications. Pembinaan AOS Sdn Bhd not only provided cost-effective leakage solutions, our technically well-trained team also presented preventive measures to deter problems from recurring.

Currently, Pembinaan AOS Sdn Bhd serves clients in commercial and residential sectors including industrial buildings, hotels, condominiums, etc.


Our prime activities in Malaysia are as follows:

1. Recommend suitable waterproofing systems as well as comparative systems that are available in the market

2. Project management upon owner/manager request

3. Supply waterproofing system